“I had a special wedding to attend in Aberdeen, Scotland and wanted something traditional and fabulous to wear. When I think of fabulous, I think of Daniel. My mother-in-law had graciously donated a skirt she had made some years earlier from the family tartan. The fabric was beautiful, as was the skirt, but the style was dated. I asked Daniel if he could modernise it and also make something spectacular to complement and complete the outfit. As inspirational as Daniel is, he exceeded all my expectations. The design and fitting process was easy and fun.Daniel was keen to hear my initial ideas, and then transformed them into total ‘class’.I wasn’t sure what to expect to pay for couture, but I was very pleasantly surprised. I’ll never spend days… hours.. weeks… or months looking for a custom outfit again.The finished outfit was traditional and elegant, yet completely in vogue! Surprisingly, I was the only woman at the wedding wearing tartan, in amongst all the kilt wearing men!I received compliment after compliment and couldn’t speak highly enough of my fabulous designer friend, Daniel Learmont.”