18 Aug What is Couture? Who is Daniel Learmont?

Daniel-Learmont-2014-12Haute Couture is by definition the French term for high fashion. Although it encompasses all facets of fashion it is usually reserved for the categories of evening and bridal wear.
I have long had a consuming passion for fashion, especially the twice yearly couture shows that take place in Paris during late January and July.

When I was young, growing up in rural New South Wales, I would pore over the pictures that I tore from my grandmother’s Women’s Weekly magazines and the occasional Vogue that I found lying around her lounge room. Designers like Christian Dior, Yves Saint Laurent, Christian Lacroix and Pierre Balmain were my favourites. Glamourous beaded and embroidered clothes seemed as far away from a sheep farm in Tumut as you could get, although wool from the backs of the sheep not dissimilar to the ones from my grandparents farm was shipped, washed, spun and woven into the soft wool crepes that did in fact sashay down the runways on Paris’ Ave Montaigne and Hotel De Crillion. So I guess I did have a slim connection to it all, however far removed it may have appeared.

I guess what I want to create here in Sydney, years later, is an homage to the golden age of fashion and the workrooms that created it (minus the chandeliers and gilded chairs!) I want to take my clients on the journey of their gown. I love for my clients to see the progress of their purchase, from fabrics selections to toile fittings, right though to the presentation of the finished product. To create an environment for them to come, see and learn how it all happens and to get involved in the process.

So I welcome you all, to come and observe and see how it all unfolds.

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